Graviton X

•10/02/2011 • Leave a Comment

Starting an exciting new indie project called ‘Graviton X’.

This will be the project I will be marked on for my final year and have a deadline of 23/05/11. So this is gonna be a busy couple of months.

A quick background on the project:

Essentially the game is a platformer with a nice twist which will effect the combat and introduce a puzzle mechanic too. The main character wields a device and weapon known as a Graviton; a baton-like weapon that can be controlled by manipulating the gravitation field surrounding it. This allows it to be used as a melee weapon in typical martial arts style but also allows it to be projected forward while using a gauntlet to control its trajectory.

The player can take control of the Graviton all together and lead it through narrow vents and dangerous passages to activate switches or remove obstactles in the players way.

I believe this mechanic will add a huge depth of game play and will also break up the platforming levels with a nice puzzling mechanic.

So look out for more on Graviton X in the near future.