Huge. Update. Its finished!

Ok, been a while since I updated this but there’s a lot to say so here goes.

Firstly, the game has been finished ready for the presentation at uni, looking forward to showing it off to the tutors. Really proud of how this has turned out. Secondly, we’re showcasing it at our End of Year Showcase and hopefully we’ll be able to land a place at Games Republic. This will be a fantastic opportunity to display our work to our peers and maybe some career possibilities.

Ok now the big news. After many months of work the game has reached a point where its pretty damn playable and quite enjoyable.

Some screens to show some of the mechanics in the game.

We’ve managed to include some of the mechanics but at this stage some haven’t managed to be included.

The Graviton is now completely implemented with the aimed throw, quick throw and the full control mode. The full control allows you to move the Graviton with the left thumbstick and was originally intended to work with puzzle mechanics. Now it works as a scouting ability and also levitation (you can place the Graviton below the character and carry him short distances until your energy is depleted).

The enemies are also in with their waypointing and laser-y glory. They use a rudimentary waypoint system I created to move around and fire at the player if they come into range and vision. They are quite tough however and will take many hits with the Graviton to destroy. There are also bosses which are larger colour-coded versions of the enemies – they are much tougher and have a larger range for their weapons.

We also have working doors! *Cue Applause* Simple things but they add some much needed life to the environment and make it seem less desolate. They also come in useful for closing on incoming enemy laser fire.

All in all the project has turned out well so far and I, along with the rest of the group, am looking forward to presenting the work.


~ by shackleberry on 16/05/2011.

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