Unity Update

The Blog has been quiet for a couple of weeks while I’ve been busy at work on the development of Graviton X.

Main focus of this time has been implementing the Graviton weapon which has proven to be tricky to a programmer new to the Unity physics engine. Using a Constant force component and some scripting to control its force direction and power I have managed to produce a reasonably effective and satisfying weapon. The whole system needs cleaning up but that is unnecessary until the final character model is handed over and I can sync up the coding to the character model and animation.

The additional style of throws (Guided and Full Control) still need to be implemented but I believe these will be an easier step and will mainly require some tweaks to existing code rather than a fill rewrite.

After that focus will move on to the implementation of Elemental Puzzles; but more on that when development starts.

Finally, the enemies have begun to be implemented. I’ve written up a simple linear waypointing system for the patrolling drones and will expand upon this for pathfinding to pursue the player beyond their patrol points and to return to the if they lose sight of the player.

For now however, here are some screenshots of the development so far and the Graviton in action!

(Note: The level below is simply a testing platform, work is under way on the first level structure. More on this can be seen at James White’s Blog)


~ by shackleberry on 09/03/2011.

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