Preparing for the End of Year Show

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After our presentation on Tuesday, which we feel went fairly well, our attention has turned to the upcoming end of year show which will be taking place Wednesday 25th May. This gives us a week to implement anything that was left out of our most recent build and also get some promotional materials together for our booth.

The gameplay mechanics we hope to include in time for the show will be:

  • Working Key Cards
  • Elemental Puzzles
  • More occasions to show off the Graviton’s versatility (E.G. Floating targets and¬†destructible¬†props)
  • Areas to use the Full Control function of the Graviton
  • Areas to implement the levitation ability.
This will definitely give me enough to do over the weekend! Expect another update from me closer to the show.

Huge. Update. Its finished!

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Ok, been a while since I updated this but there’s a lot to say so here goes.

Firstly, the game has been finished ready for the presentation at uni, looking forward to showing it off to the tutors. Really proud of how this has turned out. Secondly, we’re showcasing it at our End of Year Showcase and hopefully we’ll be able to land a place at Games Republic. This will be a fantastic opportunity to display our work to our peers and maybe some career possibilities.

Ok now the big news. After many months of work the game has reached a point where its pretty damn playable and quite enjoyable.

Some screens to show some of the mechanics in the game.

We’ve managed to include some of the mechanics but at this stage some haven’t managed to be included.

The Graviton is now completely implemented with the aimed throw, quick throw and the full control mode. The full control allows you to move the Graviton with the left thumbstick and was originally intended to work with puzzle mechanics. Now it works as a scouting ability and also levitation (you can place the Graviton below the character and carry him short distances until your energy is depleted).

The enemies are also in with their waypointing and laser-y glory. They use a rudimentary waypoint system I created to move around and fire at the player if they come into range and vision. They are quite tough however and will take many hits with the Graviton to destroy. There are also bosses which are larger colour-coded versions of the enemies – they are much tougher and have a larger range for their weapons.

We also have working doors! *Cue Applause* Simple things but they add some much needed life to the environment and make it seem less desolate. They also come in useful for closing on incoming enemy laser fire.

All in all the project has turned out well so far and I, along with the rest of the group, am looking forward to presenting the work.

Unity Update

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The Blog has been quiet for a couple of weeks while I’ve been busy at work on the development of Graviton X.

Main focus of this time has been implementing the Graviton weapon which has proven to be tricky to a programmer new to the Unity physics engine. Using a Constant force component and some scripting to control its force direction and power I have managed to produce a reasonably effective and satisfying weapon. The whole system needs cleaning up but that is unnecessary until the final character model is handed over and I can sync up the coding to the character model and animation.

The additional style of throws (Guided and Full Control) still need to be implemented but I believe these will be an easier step and will mainly require some tweaks to existing code rather than a fill rewrite.

After that focus will move on to the implementation of Elemental Puzzles; but more on that when development starts.

Finally, the enemies have begun to be implemented. I’ve written up a simple linear waypointing system for the patrolling drones and will expand upon this for pathfinding to pursue the player beyond their patrol points and to return to the if they lose sight of the player.

For now however, here are some screenshots of the development so far and the Graviton in action!

(Note: The level below is simply a testing platform, work is under way on the first level structure. More on this can be seen at James White’s Blog)

Final Character Concept

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Exciting news!

The main character concept has been completed and looks wonderful. Thank the designer Paul Braddick and a good response to the interactive conceptor.

Looking forward to seeing the model come to life from the hands of Mark Walker!

Character Concept Creator

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Using the character designs provided by Paul Braddick and some Flash wizardry I’ve made an interactive concept creator that allows you to change the individual parts of the characters suit to create interesting and sleek combinations.

Have a try and comment your combinations below!

Character Concept Creator

Take some screenshots of your designs and email them to

[Updated 15-02-11] Fixed graphic errors from the original concept files and improved overall graphic quality.

Space Shooter Prototype

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Been working on a basic space shooter prototype that uses physics to create more interesting gameplay. Its a pretty good time waster too!

Prototype (Requires Unity Web Player)

Graviton X and Unity

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Getting to grips with the engine of choice for Graviton X: Unity. Loving the interface so far and the way everything ties together.

Already got a very basic prototype working based off of the 2D platforming tutorial from the Unity resources. A lot more work to be done on refining it and introducing the mechanics that I need for the game. Will upload a prototype at some point once the basics are in place for the Graviton weapon.